We are a small-medium manufacturer, with staff of 14, catering to a niche market, principally in the flooring industry. We have a manufacturing capacity of approximately 9500 tiles of our Batavian 300×300 floor tiles per month. Established in 1975, we have a proven reputation for quality and reliable personal service. The pictures on this website, although by no means exhaustive, will give you some idea of the quality and beauty of the floors we are proud to produce.

These tiles are suitable for both indoors and outdoors. For further technical information with regard to these tiles feel free to email Mark Kelly  at mark@mktrust.co.za. With our Batavian tiles we supply a guide to laying, treating and maintaining the floor. The methods we recommend require a minimum of effort to produce a beautiful result. Due to the size and colour variation we calculate coverage per m2 to be 10 tiles for our standard 300 x 300mm tile. Due to this size variation our tiles are sold per each and not per m2. Size variation can be expected of approximately 8%.

We aiming to grow the company this year and increase our production of tiles per month.